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There are a wide variety of resources available to supplement the information accessed from the links on the Research Page. The experiences of soldiers detailed in these will enable the 'fleshing out' of the raw facts from the Research Page. Some of these include:

BOOKS Some of these should be available from your local library

  • The Australians At War Series published by Time-Life Books Australia 1986-1989. Volumes include: 'The Australian Light Horse', 'Gallipoli One Long Grave', Western Front 1916-1917 The Price of Honour', and 'Western Front 1917-1918 The cost of Victory'. Each book has an index at the back where you can find pages relevant to all the units (Battalions) mentioned.
  • 'Gallipoli' by Les Carlyon, published by Pan Macmillan Australia 2001
  • 'The Great War' by Les Carlyon, published by Pan Macmillan Australia 2006
  • 'Somme Mud' by E. P. F. Lynch edited by Will Davies, published by Random House Australia 2006
  • 'The ANZACS' by Patsy Adam-Smith. published by Thomas Nelson Australia 1978.
  • 'The Broken Years Australian soldiers in the Great War' by Bill Gammage. published by Penguin Books in 1975 and 1980.

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1st Battalion officers leaving Australia 1914  (Photo H G Carter courtesy Mrs Shirley Clifton)

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