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The Battle of Polygon Wood, Belgium 26th September 1917

This was a significant battle fought by the Australians near Ieper in Belgium Flanders. It was a precurser to the well known Battles of Passchendaele. It was recognised by the 5th Division as a great victory and their memorial was erected on the Butte. The battle is well described in websites such as:
World War One Battlefields Polygon Wood
Zonnebeke, Fifth Australian Division Memorial
The Battle For Polygon Wood

1917 polygon Wood

This site remembers the ordinary soldiers that fought and died there such as Martin Carney of Coonabarabran Australia. His name appears amongst the many missing on the Menin Gate at Ieper, and his body may still be within the Wood.

The webpages enable the viewer to 'virtually' visit locations on the battlefields without the 24 plus hours of travelling from Australia. The photography and panorama technology simulates 'being there' by full screen 360 degree movement within each image. The author made extensive use of Mat McLachlans book "Walking With the Anzacs" in locating parts of the former battlefield. In fact it would be almost impossible to 'follow the Anzacs' without help from this book. Each of the panoramas will be more meaningful if viewed whilst reading the relevant description of their signifance from"Walking With the Anzacs".

Now, imagine that it is a cloudy, overcast day at about 4 pm (with 6 hours still to dark). The air is heavy and humid with a hint of the warmness of Spring (May 2009). There is the pungent smell of pig manure in the air as the farmers have been busy fertilising their fields. Walk with me and follow the progress of the Australians through the Wood from the Southern end as they fight their way towards the Butte. The wood seems large when one is walking.

1. Two Destroyed German Pillboxes

2. Scott Post German Pillbox

3. Inside Scott Post German Pillbox

4. The New Zealand Memorial looking towards the Butte

5. The Buttes New British Cemetery from the Butte

6. The path connecting the cemeteries

7. Polygon Wood Cemetery

Polygon wood
Polygon Wood from painting in Passchendaele Museum Zonnebeke