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This battle was part of the larger Battle of the Somme. This commenced on 1st July 1916 and involved both the British and French armies. Inspite of a disasterous first day when 60,000 men were lost for almost no gain, the battle continued until November 1916. As each division was exhausted (too many men lost through death, wounding, sickness and tiredness) it was withdrawn and another division fed in.

The Australian 1st Division attacked the crucial position of Pozieres on 23rd July 1916. After three days and 5000 men lost, they were replaced by the 2nd Division. This Division was replaced by the 4th Division on 7th August after losing 6848 men.The Divisions were rotated in and out of battle in this way until 5th September 1916. There were more Australians killed and wounded here than on any other battlefield of World War One.

near Pozieres
Albert side of Pozieres

There are 13 panoramas related to the Battle of Pozieres and nearby historical locations:

  1. The outside of the Pozieres British Cemetery on the way from Albert.
  2. The inside of Pozieres British Cemetery.
  3. The First Division Memorial fron the viewing platform.
  4. The remains of the Gibraltar blockhouse near the 1st Div Memorial
  5. Near Pozieres Civilian Cemetery.
  6. Mouquet Farm - the Memorial and view of the farm.
  7. Pozieres township as it is now, the view along the highway.
  8. The Windmill Memorial just out of Pozieres along the way to Le Sars.
  9. The view from the the top of the remains of the Windmill.
  10. Thiepval Memorial to the Missing from the lawn in front.
  11. Thiepval Memorial to the Missing from the inside facing the lawn.
  12. Thiepval Memorial to the Missing from the inside looking towards the cemetery.
  13. Lochnagar Crater near La Boisselle.

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