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Langemark German Cemetery (Ypres) Belgium

Statues at Langemark Cemetery

Langemark (or Langemarck) is a small village near Ieper in Belgium. It is the site of a large German War Cemetery from Wold War One and also has notoriety as the place where chemical warfare (poison gas) was first used in the War.

This cemetery is quite different to those of Commonwealth troops as the headstones are flat on the ground and contain multiple names. Large trees create shade over much of the cemeteries. Some people say that it has a dismal and depressing atmosphere, but I did not find it more so than other cemeteries.

This cemetery is a reminder that war has a devastating affect on the people of all countries involved. The German troops were all drafted and had little choice in their involvement in the war. The deaths of these soldiers must have caused similar sorrow for their families to that of Commonwealth soldiers. However, unlike Australians, Germans generally have little interest in remembering the sacrifice of these soldiers and tend to forget the War. (conversation with the Director of German War Cemeteries).

Apparently there has been recent improvements at the Cemetery including a Carpark, new paths and a building with historical video displays.

There are four panoramas of the Langemark German Cemetery.

1, The Entrance Buildings and Mass Grave

2. The Statues

3. The Centre of the Cemetery

4. The Pillboxes



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