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This battleground is small and confined compared to those in Europe. It is possible to see most of the sights in a day or less. The whole area is a National Park so it is relatively well preserved. There are primitive walking tracks over most of the area. Once one leaves the area next to the bitumen pavement the area is in much the same condition as the Anzacs left it. It is possible to see the eroded remains of the old trench lines, filled with scrubby growth. We found shrapnel balls as we were walking around. One also has to keep an eye out for snakes when walking through the scrub. Some of them are apparently quite aggressive.

This area is very popular for Turkish tourists remembering their victory in the Battle of Canakkale (Gallipoli) and their national hero Kemal Ataturk. However, they seem to keep next to the road and their monuments along the 3rd ridge. Wherever there is a Turkish monument, there are souvenir vendors and rubbish on the ground.

The scrub is much thicker now than it was in 1915. At that time goats grazed the area and there were not many pine trees. The pine forests have been planted fairly recently. When we were there, it was springtime and many of the plants were lush and in full bloom.

There are 28 Gallipoli panoramas to see:

Anzac Zone

  1. Anzac Cove standing on the beach near the ocean
  2. Anzac Cove looking to the north and above from near Hell Spit
  3. North Beach and the Anzac Commemorative Site
  4. North Beach - view from the beach New
  5. Ocean Beach looking back to the Sphinx
  6. Ocean Beach near Fishermans Hut New
  7. Lone Pine Cemetery
  8. Plugges Plateau looking over Anzac Cove
  9. Plugges Plateau looking towards the 3rd Ridge
  10. Beach Cemetery New
  11. Bigali New
  12. Chunuk Bair Memorial New
  13. NZ Trenches on Chunuk Bair New
  14. Hill 60 Memorial New
  15. Hill 971 New
  16. Johnston's Jolly Cemetery New
  17. The Nek Cemetery New
  18. Anzac Front Line Trenches at the Nek New
  19. Parade Ground Cemetery New
  20. Quinns Post New
  21. Quinns Post Cemetery New
  22. View from Russells Top showing steep rugged landscape New
  23. Shell Green Cemetery New
  24. Shrapnel Valley Cemetery New

Helles Zone

  1. 12 Tree Copse Cemetery New
  2. Helles Memorial New
  3. V Beach New
  4. V Beach Cemetery New

Remains of an old trench

Opening to tunnel going under Quin's Post

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