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This battleground is a long way from the main battle that was occurring at that time on the Somme. The battle is commemorated by the Australian Memorial Park with its Cobbers statue and the VC Corner Cemetery near the small village of Fromelles. They are in the middle of a flat, featureless plain of cultivation and wheat fields. The Laies River around which the Australian 5th Division carried out the Australian’s first attack in France on 19th July 1916 is just like a straight open drain in this area. The attack was a complete disaster with 5533 casualties, and it is not too difficult to see why. The land is so flat and the only slightly higher spots of Fromelles village and Aubers Ridge were held by the Germans.

There are five panoramas in this set which enable a number of different viewpoints of the battlefield

1. Australian Memorial Park and Cobbers Statue.
2. VC Corner Cemetery.
3. The frontline near the Laies River.
4. The starting line near the 'Sugarloaf' salient
5. Le Trou Aid Post Cemetery

More information about the Battle of Fromelles can be obtained from:


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